More "hello's" from the States

, 6 juli 2001 - Vlak voor de 'zomerstop'van de Heynekrant, begin juni, kwam er een bericht binnen met foto's van Michiel Heynekamp in de States. Inmiddels heeft hij daar goed aan PR gedaan, want er komen steeds meer berichtjes binnen van zijn familie. Hieronder een 'bloemlezing'. 

Hello, Nice to hear back from you! I can read dutch pretty good actually although I sometimes have to read it a time or two. My vocabulary isn't the best but reading the heynekrant should improve things a bit. I really enjoy the Heynekrant, especially the typical section! If you all are ever around NM stop by for sure! I'll show you all the fun places! I've attached two pics of myself. One is at the "shamen's gallery" in the bottom of the Grand canyon. The rock art behind me was done by indians about 1400 years ago or so... The second picture is of me on to of Sunlight peak in the San Juan Mts in Colorado. The peak is 4260 meters tall and is one of my favorite spots.

I understand most of the gossip and news and am still reading through it and will understand more as I get time. I really want to make it back to Holland since I haven't been there since '88. I would like to see Nicoline again. Well until next time, cheers! 


Wat leuk, om iedereen te zien op de internet! 
I better write in English, my Dutch writing is not very good! I saw that Mic wrote in, so I though I would join in the fun also. 

I have two kids, Bryce (6) and Meghan 3, and am raising them as a single mom...lots of work, but very rewarding. I am currently working as a microbiologist at a university, studying Hepatitis A in environmental river samples. I also teach childbirth education classes at the local hospital, and volunteer at Bryce's elementary school one day a week, which are both loads of fun! I am hoping to go to medical school like my dad...even though he's not too sure about that. Obviously, our health system in the U.S. is not like the Netherlands. 
It was wonderful to see everyone....and all my second cousins! I hope to come to Holland someday soon and introduce my kids to everyone.

Marcelle (van het  prikbord):
hallo eidereen! michiel heeft mij het address opgestuurd van deze e-mail zetting. mijn nederladse is nogal verschiklijk, dus ik ga verder in het engelse. i can understand and speak dutch fairly well, but my spelling is horrible. so rather than embarrass myself, english it is. I live nad work in albuquerque NM. work at the university of NM hospital in the children psychiatric ward. it is very rewarding though sad as well. i greatly enjoy it. i am still single going on 29 (september). i do have a serious boyfriend, brian, who is still a student at NM tech, in engineering and math. teri is doing well as you read from michiel. as are everyone else here in NM. i will write more later. tot straks, marcelle 

Hello everybody! I got sick of all of the spam on so I have a new account here at yahoo. 
Funny: Bushed!
Talk to you later!

Blijf schrijven!
Erg leuk dat de Heynekrant ook steeds meer vanuit de VS wordt gelezen! Blijf dat vooral doen, en blijf ook schrijven! Je kan altijd mailen naar en het prikbord is ook een snelle en makkelijke manier van communiceren. Ook foto's zijn erg welkom!

Akke stelde op het prikbord al voor dat de rubriek wie=wie met al deze informatie moet worden uitgebreid. Prima plan, zodra ik daar tijd voor heb gaat dat gebeuren!

greetz., Elco

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