News from the "New Mexico Heynekamps"

, 6 juni 2001 - Zoals bekend lopen er een groot aantal Heynekamps rond in New Mexico, VS. Neef Michiel heeft de Heynekrant ontdekt en stuurde een lang mailtje met een beschrijving van zijn leven.  "I live on a farm, am 27, and having a lot of fun." Erg leuk om te lezen! We hopen snel meer tekst en foto's uit New Mexico op de Heynekrant te kunnen toevoegen!

Omdat de meeste Heynekampen vlekkeloos Engels lezen, heb ik de onvertaalde versie van het mailtje van Michiel integraal overgenomen:


It is Michiel Heynekamp from Socorro, New Mexico, USA. My "nederlandse" is very poor (I need to come to the motherland and fix it I suppose) so this is in English (maybe someone can translate). What a fun idea this site is! I will help by contributing news from the New Mexico USA Heynekamps. Also this email serves as one big hello to all and I hope to make it across the Atlantic one day to see everybody!

All is going very well here with me. I live on a farm, am 27, and having a lot of fun. During the weekdays I am a geologist with the US government, Bureau of Land Management which manages all of the public lands. It is a good job but I am very bored with it. Nearly two years ago I began a restaurant and brewery with my now ex-wife Molley. It is a very fun and successful place; maybe I will post some photos sometime. I am also a little bored with it also now that it is doing well and it doesn't require much effort to operate anymore. Molley and I have been together for the last 8 years or so but we have drifted apart over the years although we are still good friends; actually a nice ending allowing us to chase our own dreams. 


To alleviate my boredom I have followed my childhood dreams and have become a commercial pilot and will begin flying as a pilot with Mesa Airlines in August. This is something I have always wanted to do and I cannot believe I will get to start flying jets in less than two months. For fun I kayak, rock climb, mountain climb, mt. bike, and ski. I love traveling to do these things and have spent much time in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado and have traveled twice into southern Mexico to kayak. I want to travel to Ecuador and Costa Rica to go kayaking there sometime soon. Other than that there isn't to much more to me.

Hans and Gabrielle are doing very well and are still living in Silver City, New Mexico. I will tell them about this site so they can write an email describing their lives. Marcelle is living in Albuquerque New Mexico and is working at the University of New Mexico Hospital helping troubled kids. Terri is living in Las Cruces raising her two beautiful kids, Bryce and Megan, while getting another Master's degree and working full time. Justin is going to school at the University of New Mexico and is working on a Master's and eventually a PhD degree in Chemistry. I will tell all of the New Mexico Heynekamps about this site so they can write an email describing their lives and participate..."
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